Conference Handouts

"How to Understand & Evaluate Spirituality in the Lives of Clients" - Ken Pargament, Ph.D. - Slideshow PDF

"How to Assess and Address Spirituality in Counseling" - Ken Pargament, Ph.D. - Slideshow PDF

"Loving God with All Your Mind" -Greg Kolodziejczak, Psy.D., Ph.D. - Slideshow PDF

"Hope in Communion with Others" - Catherine Guilbeau, M.A. - Slideshow PDF

"Problematic God Images" - Handout PDF

"Bioethical Issues: Part II" - Fr. Cioffi, SthD, Ph.D. - Handout PDF

"Spiritual Fatherhood as the Heart of a Catholic Vision of Masculinity" - Dave McClow, MDiv, LCSW, LMFT
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"Curriculum of the Person" - Keith Houde - Presentation PDF

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