The Catholic Psychotherapy Association (CPA) is an interdisciplinary group of clinical, academic, student, clergy, religious, and affiliate members from around the world, committed to restoring the dignity of the human person and strengthening Christian families.  All those interested in supporting the promotion and ethical integration of Catholic values in psychotherapy are welcome to join the CPA.

CPA membership offers networking opportunities to learn, encourage, support, and pray with each other via a members Listserv, Special Interest Groups, Regional Networks, and Local Chapters. Members are encouraged to contribute scholarly work and writing that is relevant to the mission of CPA through a Call for Proposals each July in preparation for the next year's conference. 

Join Us in Fulfilling Our Mission

All persons, organizations and Diocese interested in supporting the promotion of Our Mission are welcome to become members of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association.  Three types of membership packages are available, Individual, Ecclesial and Organizational/Sponsor.  Select the one that's best for you.

By joining the Catholic Psychotherapy Association, you will support and participate in many efforts and opportunities. What else can CPA membership offer for you? Learn more here.  View our Bylaws.

For questions or additional information, email us at admin@catholicpsychotherapy.org.


Clinical and Academic Professionals, Clergy & Religious, Students

and Seminarians*


US and International Catholic

Bishops and Diocese


Professional, Religious, Charitable, or Educational Organizations

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Membership Criteria

While only clinical and academic members have voting rights within the association and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, we invite all members to participate and contribute via Committees, Listservs, Special Interest Groups, Conferences and Webinars. 

Criteria for membership (as per CPA Bylaws):

  1. Demonstrating on-going support of and fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, especially her social and ethical teachings, and teachings on marriage and family life.
  2. Support of the mission of the Association.
  3. Successful completion of the application process established by the Board of Directors. 

View our Bylaws.

(Individuals and organizations who are not members of the Catholic Church are welcome to join the Catholic Psychotherapy Association, so long as they support the above)

CPA Member Benefits

Clinicians, academics, students, and persons working in related fields join the Catholic Psychotherapy Association for many reasons. CPA is driven by our Mission to serve our members, and our members contribute to the fulfillment of our Mission in many ways. How many of the following might apply to you?

Education & Training 

    • Subscription to Integratus, the Official Journal of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association (VALUE = $99/yr)
    • Enhance your professional knowledge & skills participating in the annual CPA conference with national and world-renowned speakers
    • Earn credits via the annual conference and quarterly webinars to fulfill CEU requirements for your license (discounted rate with membership)
    • Share your scholarly work and contribute to the formation of fellow Catholic mental health professionals by submitting proposals for workshops, webinars, and poster presentations
    • Promote your work as a vendor, sponsor and/or advertiser at the annual conferences
    • Attend trainings that specifically address ethical integration of Catholic teaching and evidence-based practices
    • Learn applications of authentic Christian anthropology and morality within ethical clinical practice
    • Increase your holistic understanding of the human person
    • Participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and discussion forums.

Community & Spirituality

    • Immerse yourself in Catholic community, culture, and a shared vision of life and of the human person
    • Take advantage of opportunities for spirituality, prayer, an annual retreat, and unity in prayer through Listserv network throughout the year
    • Encounter new friendships and a shared sense of mission at the service of the Church and of souls
    • Seek and share best practices of integrating our Catholic faith with the calling to serve in a healing profession and to serve the local Church

Mentoring, Referrals & Networking

    • Access exclusive CPA member directory (some profiles and sections are viewable via member sign-in only)
    • Take advantage of mentoring, consultation, discussion & referral opportunities through Listserv, SIGs, and CPA events
    • Participate in your Regional Network, and join or start a Local Chapter
    • Experience community, prayer, further integration, sharing of best practices, and professional support through local regions and chapters
    • Post and respond to related training, education, and job postings through online forums/Listserv
Ready to join? View our printable brochure here.
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