Welcome to the Catholic Psychotherapy Association! We are an interdisciplinary association of mental health professionals who are dedicated to promoting the dignity of the human person and strengthening Christian families. I am excited to invite you to join us in the New Evangelization as we work to help bring “the wounded in from the battlefield of the world to encounter the Divine Physician and the healing that he offers within the community of the Church.” (Love is Our Mission, 157).

As a professional organization we are young, but we have much promise and much to offer the Church as we seek to develop and support mental health professionals as they incorporate the Catholic faith more fully into both their personal lives and the work they do.

Our main “event” as a community is the annual conference, which is an opportunity to connect with old friends, network with other Catholic professionals, learn how to better handle the challenges of our day, and gain new clinical skills through continuing education. But, we are also expanding into new territory – offering webinars, expanded social media presence, and developing local chapters. We hope that you will participate in all that we are rolling out! It is a new dawn for the Catholic mental health professional as we discover that we’re not alone and that we have a great deal to offer the world.

Our great strength is our unity in diversity. We are united in a common faith but we are made up of clinicians (psychologists, counselors, social workers, MFTs), medical professionals (psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses), academicians (from both Catholic and secular colleges and universities), and clerical and pastoral workers (priests, deacons, religious, diocesan professionals, spiritual directors, pastoral counselors). Together we are stronger and can learn from each other. Together we can fulfill St. John Paull II’s call to “ become sharers in the mission of the prophet Christ, and in virtue of that mission we together with Him are serving divine truth in the Church" (Redemptor Hominis, 19).

Glory to Jesus Christ, 

Gerry Crete, PhD, LPC, LMFT

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