2018 Conference Series: "Healing Emotional Affective Response to Trauma (Heart), A Spiritual Model for working with Traumatized Clients"

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Dr. Benjamin Keyes’ specialties include dissociative disorders, domestic violence, child abuse, all trauma related disorders. Dr. Keyes has doctorates in Counseling Psychology, Rehab Counseling, Theology, Ministry, and Divinity. He has been in Private Practice for over thirty-five years and has been a researcher in the area of Trauma and Dissociation for the last twenty years. Dr. Keyes has received the Kluft Research Award for work and research in the People’s Republic of China from the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. Dr. Keyes has also received The Hope Award from Restoration Ministries for the development of the HEART Model. Currently, Dr. Keyes is an Assoc. Professor, Director of Training and Internship and Director for the Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies at Divine Mercy University in Arlington, VA The HEART Model is currently being researched for efficacy in Shelter Programs throughout the U.S. with survivors of Human Trafficking.
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