2021 Webinar Series: Spirituality Throughout the Lifespan - Stacy Salamone

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Presented by: Stacy Salamone When: March 26th 9:00 AM - 12:15pm Central Standard Time (US and Canada) What: Spiritual Development Throughout the Lifespan Webinar Description: This webinar will introduce a therapeutic model that will allow clinicians to better engage and enhance the spiritual development of children and adolescents. An overview on the empirical theories of spiritual development will be provided and the extent to which those theories informed the construction of this model will be discussed. This model will map the trajectory of spiritual development from birth until adulthood, and will allow clinicians to identify the stage of spiritual development that an individual is immersed in, based on the psychospiritual processes the child is presenting at the time. This webinar will utilize advanced clinical language and terminologies in order to meet time limitations. Time will be reserved following the presentation for discussion and peer review. Learning Objectives: Demonstrate how to engage the spiritual dimension of well-being in children and adolescents List an appropriate stage of spiritual development based on the presentation of psychospiritual processes Apply more developmentally appropriate spiritual interventions into treatment planning
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