2021 Webinar Series: Healing After Abortion: A Cry for Mercy - Sister Marie Barnette

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Presented by: Sister Patricia Barnette LPC What: Healing After Abortion: A Cry for Mercy Webinar Description: This workshop will integrate an overview of post-abortion healing counseling, identifying the negative after-effects of abortion such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, anxiety, addictions, shame, low self-esteem, and/or complicated grief. The four stages of healing using trauma informed research demonstrate the effectiveness of compassion, anger resolution, and forgiveness of self and others. The contrast in post-abortion reactions for men and women are identified. A critique of attachment difficulties with living children will be summarized. Treatment options formulate movement to integration of restored self-image and reconciliation in relationships. Learning Objectives: Abortion as possible underlying cause of PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety Impact of shame and low self-esteem on healing process Distinguish Complicated Grief after abortion Parental attachment difficulties with living children Differences in manner of grieving for men/women 4 Stages of Healing – Reconciliation with God, others, lost child, self Integration of self-worth and relationships with others Sr. Patricia Marie Barnette is a Sister of the Good Shepherd, living in Danville, PA at the present time. Her main ministry is counseling, having an active professional counselor license in two states, Florida and Pennsylvania. Since the late 1980’s, she has been involved in counseling women who are seeking healing after an abortion. When Project Rachel began in the mid 1980’s, she felt a call to get involved in this work of mercy. That led her to get a Master degree in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. In addition, Sister Patricia also counsels adults, couples, and single mothers.
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