2021 Webinar Series: Attachment Wounds and Healing: Exploring Accompaniment and Prayer. - Robin Treptow, Anna Pecorara & Melanie Pilon

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Presented by: Robin Treptow, Phd., Anna Pecoraro, Psy.D & Melanie Pilon Webinar Description: This workshop will present a review of Attachment Theory, as well as attachment wounds and their ramifications. Psychological methods for healing attachment wounds will be discussed. Faith and spirituality are important coping mechanisms for many people, and they are increasingly recognized as aspects of people's identity and diversity. Therefore, prayer-based methods of healing attachment wounds are presented. Learning Objectives: Attachment is a profound emotional 'tie' between two people. In the parent-child relationship, children become attached to their parents or other caretakers. The quality of attachment is referred to as 'attachment styles.' These styles serve as 'internal working models' for future relationships. Attachment 'wounds' occur when attachment styles are insecure. There are a variety of reasons for insecure attachments. Attachment wounds can be healed through new relationships with people who are capable of interacting in an affirming, compassionate, appropriately boundaried way. Some examples include teachers, counselors, psychotherapists, scout leaders, coaches, clergy, youth ministers, spouses, etc.). A good relationship with God can help to heal attachment wounds. There are ways to remove obstacles to people's relationship with God and help them flourish.
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