2022 Webinar Series: Guilt, Shame or Ignorance? Opening a Conversation about Female Sexuality - Jennifer Madere

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Presented by: Jennifer Madere MA LPC-S What: Guilt, Shame or Ignorance? Opening a Conversation about Female Sexuality Description: Research and resources for women who are struggling with psychologically-oriented symptoms of a sexual nature are largely absent from scholarly, clinical and pastoral literature. Disagreement in the field of psychology regarding the pathology and diagnosis of sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behavior further obfuscates the issue. Nonetheless, clinical experience and literature indicates that women do indeed experience psychosexual symptoms, to include compulsive and intrusive sexual symptoms and behaviors. It is for Catholic Clinicians to know this information and be good referrals when women have the courage to reach out for help. This workshop will provide a review of associated literature and guided discussion of three case examples representing how these concerns have been observed in single, married, and religious Catholic women. Facilitated discussion of case examples focus on assessment and treatment of women’s experience of their own physical body, experiences of trauma, present relationship with self/others/God within their vocation, Catholic teaching, and implications for psychological and pastoral care. Learning Objectives: Describe the existing literature with regard to classification and conceptualization of psychosexual symptoms in women. Illustrate of how major diagnostic guidelines (DSM, ICD, PDM) conceptualize compulsive and intrusive sexual symptoms in women. Evaluate and discuss case examples regarding women who experience compulsive sexual behavior, sexual pain symptoms, and intrusive sexual images/thoughts/sensations. Target Audience: Students, psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, clergy and religious and their formators Level of Content: Intermediate
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