2022 Conference Video Package

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The 2022 Conference Video Package includes access to recordings of the following 11 sessions and closing Mass via Vimeo. Handouts are also linked within the package as provided by the presenter(s). Each session is approximately 90 minutes in length. 1. Opening Plenary Address - Theology and Psychotherapy in Search of a Common Language - Msgr. Michael Magee, SSL, STD 2. Transformational Training: Relational Supervision from a Catholic Worldview - Edward B. Rogers, PsyD & Kristi Stefani, PsyD 3. Formation and Longevity of the Trauma-Focused Clinician: Allowing grace to transform our nature - Jennifer A. Madere, MA, LPC-S 4. The Transformative Gift of Charity: Supporting Families to Achieve Optimal Development and Lifespan Flourishing - Sister Elena Marie Piteo, PhD 5. Formation of the Catholic Psychotherapist: Jesus' Parables as Models of Competent Praxis - Raymond Biersbach, PhD 6. Thomistic Anthropology & the Baars-Terruwe Model: Clinical Use and Interventions for Catholic Psychotherapy - Suzanne Baars, PhD 7. Introducing Integratus: The Flagship Journal of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association - Anthony Isacco, PhD, Jennifer Madere, MA, Fr. Martin Burnham, PhD, Brigette Erwin, PhD, Matthew Breuninger, PhD, Robert Kugelmann, PhD & Jesse Fox, PhD 8. Psychotherapy of the Desert: Holy Fathers’ Insights into the Human Condition and its Potential for Transformation - Donna Dobrowolski, MD 9. Psychotherapist, Heal Thyself! Tailoring Practical Human Formation Plans for Catholic Therapists Now - Peter Malinoski, PhD 10. Where's the Data?: A Proposal for Clinician Based Research in the CPA - Daniel Roberson, MA, MBA, Anthony Isacco, PhD, Peter Martin, PsyD & Jeff Vance, PhD 11. Integrating Body and Soul: Principles for a Catholic Approach to Gender Dysphoria - Susan Canty Selner-Wright, PhD & Andrew Sodergren, MTS, PsyD 12. Closing Mass
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