2022 Conference Series: Formation and Longevity of the Trauma-Focused Clinician: Allowing grace to transform our nature - Jennifer A. Madere

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Trauma and the sequalae of adverse life experiences predominate the histories and present struggles of many persons presenting for psychotherapy. Catholic anthropology provides a context in which this suffering may be not only tolerated but embraced and transformed – both in the client and the clinician. Clinicians who specialize in treating trauma-related syndromes must also be formed and equipped to practice many “soft skills” to be effective and resilient instruments of grace and healing. Common challenges, skills and related issues will be illustrated through literature and vignettes, including: clinician affect tolerance, countertransference, vicarious trauma, self-supervision, personal boundaries, gatekeeping, and psychological and spiritual self-care. Discussion of vignettes will support implementation of strategies that are attuned to the developmental needs of the learner.
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