2022 Conference Series: Thomistic Anthropology & the Baars-Terruwe Model: Clinical Use and Interventions for Catholic Psychotherapy - Suzanne Baars

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This clinical presentation is a brief overview of the Baars-Terruwe Model that therapists can utilize to build upon the anthropology of St. Thomas Aquinas in their clinical work. Understanding and communicating Aquinas’ view of the role of the emotions in supporting reason and will towards the choice of the good is a touchstone for clients who distrust their emotions and feelings for one reason or another. Development of affectivity, or the capacity to be moved by the emotions of love, desire and joy, provides a way to promote integration of intellect and will with the emotions. Aiding clients to develop their emotional life through cultivating affectivity overcomes the objection that one must always use one’s willpower to do what is right– which can make Christian life seem an obligation and a drudgery. This model promotes the growth of the emotional life so that life becomes more effortless and joyful.
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