2020 Virtual Conference Recording Bundle

  • 2 Jun 2020
  • (EDT)
  • 31 Dec 2025
  • (EST)
  • 2020 CPA Virtual Conference



Cost: $150

Accessing the bundleThis bundle includes access to all of the virtual presentations listed below. After registration and payment is complete, you will receive a follow-up email containing a link to the Vimeo file folder. With the private link, you have the ability to access the webinars at any time.

2020 Virtual Conference Recordings:

  • Sessions 101 & 111 - Spiritual Formation of the Mental Health Professional: Open to the VASTness of God's Love - Fr. Keith Chylinski, MS, MA, MDiv
  • Opening Remarks & Session 201 - Evaluations for Religious Life - Sr. Mary Patrice Ahearn, RSM, PsyD
  • Session 211 - Evidence-Based Treatment of the Roman Catholic Family: Furthering the New Evangelization - Brigette A. Erwin, PhD
  • Session 221 - Grace Built on Nature: Supporting Seminarians through Assessment & Interventions - Eric Gudan, PsyD, Mark Glafke, PhD, John Cadwallader, PsyD, Andrew Sodergren, PsyD
  • Session 222 - "Build the House on Rock": Psychological and Spiritual Foundations of Marriage Preparation Within John Paul II's Spiritual Exercises for Engaged Couple - Keith Houde, PhD, Fr. Zachary Swantek, STL
  • Session 231 - But Who Do You Say That I Am?: Implications of Attachment Assessment on Formation of Seminarians/Religious - Peter Martin, PsyD, Jeff Vance, MBA
  • Session 232 - An Ethical Discussion: Mental Health Professionals Supporting Persons Seeking Recovery from Possession and Other Spiritual Afflictions - Jennifer Madere, MA, Frank Moncher, PhD, Cynthia Hunt, MD, Fr. John Szada, PhD, Anna Pecoraro, PsyD
  • Reflection - Fr. Keith Chylinski, MS, MA, MDiv
  • Session 301 & 311 - A Developmental Model of Evidence - Based Interventions for Catholic Clergy - Anthony Isacco, PhD
  • CPA Membership/Business Meeting
  • Session 321- Rebuild my Church! A Catholic Guide to Understanding and Treating Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors - Karen Villa, PhD, Sasha Kleinsorge, PhD
  • Session 322 - Rebuilding the Church in Seminary Formation: From Psychological Evaluations to Ordination - Christina Lynch, PsyD, Fr. Paul Sullivan, Gerry Doran, PhD, Fr. Bryan Duggan
  • Session 331- Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction and Behavior (SSA) and the Priesthood: Charity, Discernment and Treatment - Philip Sutton, PhD
  • Session 332 - Rebuilding the Domestic Church: Applied Bowen Family Systems - Rachel Gardner, MA
  • Closing Reflection - Fr. Keith Chylinski, MS, MA, MDiv

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