Introduction to TEAM-CBT: Examining the compatibility of TEAM philosophy & methods with Catholic anthropology

  • 29 Apr 2022
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction to TEAM-CBT: Examining the compatibility of TEAM philosophy & methods with Catholic anthropology

Presented by Bridget Hannah PhD

Friday April 29th 10:30am - 12:00pm: Lecture and Q&A

1.5 CEUs


This presentation will invite participants to an overview of TEAM-CBT from a Catholic perspective. The basic elements of TEAM--Testing, Empathy, Assessment of resistance, and Methods--will be introduced and presented in the context of the Catholic understanding of the free will and dignity of the human person. The presenter will highlight TEAM-CBT approaches to anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, and maladaptive habits as consistent with Catholic theology. While the more than fifty specific methods of TEAM are beyond the scope of this presentation, the goal is to give participants an understanding of the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of TEAM and a glimpse of the impact of a few specific approaches and a level of knowledge appropriate for those who wish to pursue further training in TEAM-CBT.

Target Audience: Mental health providers in practice or training 

Course Content Level: Beginner 

Learning Objectives

  • List the basic elements of TEAM (Testing, Empathy, Assessment of Resistance & Methods) as a specific approach to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and provide one example of how each of these elements is implemented in therapy sessions
  • Explain the TEAM view of therapeutic resistance & its compatibility with Catholic anthropology
  • Describe/demonstrate one method of assessing outcome resistance
  • Describe/demonstrate one method of assessing process resistance
  • List the four possible case conceptualizations from the TEAM perspective Explain the TEAM-CBT approach to suicidality & how it fits with Catholic anthropology Describe/demonstrate the Gentle Ultimatum
  • Explain the meaning of “fallback position” in therapy Describe/demonstrate the importance of “sitting with open hands.”

An Alabama licensed psychologist since 1995, Bridget (O’Brien) Hannahan specializes in child assessment, adolescent issues, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for all ages. She earned her M.A. & Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Alabama and completed a pre-doctoral internship in Clinical Child Psychology at UAB and Children’s Hospital of Alabama. She established Narrow Road Counseling to broaden her practice after 21 years as a pediatric consultant. 

Licensed to provide telehealth in 25 PSYPACT participating states, Dr. Hannahan is passionate about increasing access to evidence-based therapy, especially for OCD. She is a clinical member of the International OCD Foundation. Certified in 2019 as a TEAM-CBT clinician, she achieved Level 3 TEAM-CBT status in 2021 and participates in weekly consultation with TEAM-CBT colleagues. 

Prior speaking engagements include faculty retreats for McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, youth and parent enrichment at St. Vincent de Paul parish, and marriage nights at St. Mary and St. Ignatius parishes, all in Mobile. Dr. Hannahan is a regular invited guest on LA Catholic Morning Live with Archangel Radio and has written blogs for Souls & Hearts and on her own website. Currently, she is contributing to a collaborative effort between CPA and Sacred Story Institute to publish a therapist’s companion to Forty Weeks: An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story by Fr. William M. Watson.  

A member of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association since 2014, Dr. Hannahan has volunteered as Region 5 coordinator since 2019. She is excited to introduce Catholic colleagues to TEAM-CBT, which she has found to be highly effective and compatible with Catholic teaching.

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