Doctor-Doctor podcast: Dr. Robin Shares How "Nothing is Impossible With God."

22 Mar 2021 8:15 AM | Mary Hanys (Administrator)

This event highlights the CPA mission/vision by pinpointing how resilience and hope protect the inherent value of each person despite medical conditions or other life circumstances that might detract from their worth in the larger society.

Join in for this podcast HERE.

Dr. Robin Lynn Treptow is a Director of the CPA Board and founder of the CPA's Infant Mental Health SIG. In her role as Communications Chair, she gives voice to the CPA's mission/vision in the wider Catholic and non-Catholic world. Dr. Treptow is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Divine Mercy University and member of the Catholic Medical Association; in these dual roles she helps facilitate collaboration between organizations for which she is a member and the CPA.


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