Values Grounded Parenting: A New Book by Dr. Michael Redivo

5 Apr 2021 8:27 AM | Mary Hanys (Administrator)

Values Grounded Parenting is a new book that provides a way for parents to reclaim the joy of parenthood. It provides a practical and unique framework for raising respectful, responsible and healthy children. The book outlines 4 Pillars: Pillar I – Vision, Values, and Family Culture; Pillar II – The 5 C’s to Effective Values Grounded Parenting; Pillar III –Boundaries and Discipline; and Pillar IV – Productive Conflict and Mistake Making. 68

Discipline and boundary setting, one of the most difficult aspects to parenting, is addressed in detail. The focus is on providing clear, firm boundaries and consequences that are purposeful and teach values grounded lessons. This approach to discipline provides a meaningful experience of discipline that is protective and purposeful without being punitive and shame based. Each chapter contains real world examples and plenty of practical strategies. Also, there are experiential activities throughout that parents and children can participate to help grow their values grounded culture.

Values Grounded Parenting is a book that supports mental health professionals who work with children, teens and families. It offers a conceptual framework that provides clear direction for parents who are seeking to raise healthy, well-adjusted children. Throughout each chapter, there are many practical tips and examples along with experiential activities for parents to apply this effective approach. The noble vision and 4 Anchor values are consistent with Catholic virtues - values designed to cultivate a solid, life giving family culture.

Dr. Michael Redivo is clinical psychologist specializing in child / adolescent psychology. He has counseled parents and families for over 25 years. His career has been centered on empowering families to grow and thrive as well as organizations that serve children and families. Dr. Redivo launched a private day school for youth with significant emotional, developmental, and behavioral challenges. In addition to his work as a family / child psychologist, he supervises mental health professionals and teaches graduate psychology students.

The most challenging and rewarding role he has served is being a values grounded father and husband. Despite various career accomplishments, Dr. Redivo understands one of the most important and meaningful life pursuits is that of a father and husband. His book, Values Grounded Parenting, not only includes best practices from parenting research, but also real world examples that reflect the grit and joy of parenthood.



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