Trauma Recovery Group (TRG)

7 Jun 2021 8:34 AM | Mary Hanys (Administrator)

The TRG foundation is based on the full understanding of the human person and allows survivors of trauma with practical tools to support them as they heal in order to engage more fully with their families and society. 

The goal of the 9-week Trauma Recovery Group is to help survivors improve their day-to-day functioning. This group focuses on helping survivors to live effectively in the present moment, stabilize by identifying conflicts and unlearning specific distortions related to the effects of the trauma. This group is based on Dr. Colin Ross’s Trauma Model, an internationally recognized and research-based model for effective therapy with survivors of trauma. See HERE for the upcoming date of the group. Additional information about this group, and how to register can be found HERE

Sue Stubbs MS, NCC, CCTP-II is a Masters level, Nationally Certified Counselor and Complex Trauma Professional with over 20 years of experience helping trauma survivors on their healing journey. 

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