Books and Resources from our Amazing Members

14 Sep 2020 6:37 AM | Mary Hanys (Administrator)

One amazing benefit of being a CPA member is the resources available within this community. As we have grown to almost 500 members worldwide, we continue to share our message in many ways. If you are ever interested in works from our various members look here for some of their many accomplished resources. 

The Way: Stations of the Cross for Survivors of Abuse, a book by member Sue Stubbs MS, NCC is the way Jesus took to overcome dread, confusion, deep hurt, betrayal and anger not only for his experience of abuse – which culminated in his death on the cross and new life in the Resurrection – but for your abuse as well. You can choose to walk The Way with him, learn his ways, transform your pain and suffering into a new life, the life God has always wanted for you, but that the sins of another acted upon you has disfigured in countless ways. The Way of the Cross - also known as Stations of the Cross - is a spiritual devotion to the Passion of Jesus. 

Values Grounded Parenting is a new book by member Michael Redivo, PHD that helps parents create a strong family culture that is rooted in positive values – values that are essential for raising well – behaved children, ready for the real world. Inside these pages, you will gain an effective framework for how to handle various challenging behaviors, such as back talk, disrespect, conflict and entitlement. You will learn how this framework keeps you and your children grounded in positive values and liberates you from unnecessary drama and power struggles. Learn more about Dr. Redivo's work and Values Grounded here

A benefit for members of the CPA is the sharing of resources for discussion and reflection which may or may not reflect an endorsement of the parent organization .

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