Values Grounded Parenting: Cultivating a Family Culture Rooted in Positive, Solid Values

13 Jan 2021 4:21 PM | Mary Hanys (Administrator)

Values Grounded Parenting: Cultivating a Family Culture Rooted in Positive, Solid Values
Saturday, April 24th, 1:30pm CST 

Presented by Michael J. Redivo PhD

This workshop provides a Values Grounded framework for cultivating a family culture to raise respectful, responsible, and well – adjusted children. The 4 Pillars to Values Grounded Parenting will be reviewed with real world examples. Practical application will be emphasized so participants can use the concepts in their practice and parents with whom they work.

3 Objectives to be Learned During this Presentation. 

1. Participants will identify and learn how to help families develop a shared vision, positive values and a family culture board. 

2. Participants will learn how to link discipline with the vision and values, supporting a positive and protective approach as opposed to a punitive, shaming approach. 

3. Participants will learn the hidden value of conflict and mistake making and how to use these to fertilize growth within parents and children.

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Dr. Michael Redivo has extensive experience in working with parents, families, and children. He has provided training and consultation for parent groups, schools, and business organizations. Through this work, he has empowered families and organizations to grow and transform their culture to embody values grounded principles. Additionally, Dr. Redivo helped launch a private day school for youth with significant emotional and behavioral challenges. He supervises various mental health professionals and teaches graduate students. The most challenging role (and most rewarding) is being a Christ centered dad and husband.

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