Interracial/Intercultural Couples and the Church

15 Jan 2021 12:34 PM | Mary Hanys (Administrator)

Interracial/Intercultural Couples and the Church
Presented by Regina Boyd MA
Friday, April 23rd, 2:45pm CST

This interactive workshop will be a combination of direct instruction on theory and immersive roleplay/participant engagement. Goals to be accomplished include simulating the interracial relationship experience, practicing unique approaches and techniques for affirmation of divergent experiences of racism, expressing solidarity in suffering, and helping clients to establish one’s identity in the Imago Dei while navigating the fluid formation of racial identity. This presentation will draw upon current research regarding the dynamics and specific challenges interracial couples can face and incorporate interventions which can be utilized during treatment. Areas of practical application include traditional therapy settings as well as marriage preparation programs and the pastoral formation of clergy/religious.

3 Objectives to be Learned During this Presentation

1. Master knowledge/understanding of the needs and challenges of interracial couples

2. Develop facility in clinical conceptualization and treatment interventions/approaches specific to interracial couples

3. Create plan or pastoral application, as appropriate to participants profession/vocation/apostolate.

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Regina Boyd is the Founder of Boyd Counseling Services, a mental health practice that provides in-person and virtual therapy for couples, families, and teens. BCS integrates Catholic teaching with sound psychological principles in therapy, coaching, and custom workshops. The BCS mission is to renew the culture by helping families discover deep meaning, healing, and satisfaction in their relationships. Regina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She is in an interracial marriage and is mother to a delightful daughter. She and her family live in Orlando, Florida.

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