CARA Ecclesial Regions

In the interest of strengthening the CPA network within its membership, within those who support our mission, and to more closely collaborate with the US Catholic Bishops, the CPA has established a network of representatives organized by ecclesial (CARA) region. 

Following is a current list of the CPA Regional Representatives as of December 2019. Please note that we welcome multiple reps in a region as that will promote the networking and reps in different locations and/or with different backgrounds i.e. clinical, academic etc. bring different contacts to the network. Contact Valerie Conzett, CPA Interim Executive Director, for more info or to volunteer. .

Region I: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

  • Greg Bottaro 347-705-0406 (Greenwich, CT) 
  • Stella Ukairo 919-667-7622 (Marlboro, MA) 

Region II: New York

  • Stacy Salamone  716-548-1202  Student member (Buffalo, NY)  

Region III: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  • Adriane Gullotta-Gsell 732-741-3077 (Trenton NJ) 
  • Deb Rojas  617-633-6084 (Thornhurst, PA) 

Region IV: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Military Archdiocese

  • Tammy Beaven 571-451-9136 (Fairfax, VA) 

Region V: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

  • Bridget Hannahan 251-421-4313 (Mobile, AL) 

Region VI: Michigan and Ohio

  • Kathy Didion 419-409-6157 (Perrysburg, OH) 
  • Colleen Jewell, MALLP 517-304-3912 (Dryden, MI) 

Region VII: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin  Click here for events

  • Judi Phillips 317-828-3167 (Westfield, IN) 
  • Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco 920-233-2347 (Oshkosh, WI) 

Region VIII: Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota  Click here for events

  • Michael Gross 312-613-3113 (South St. Paul, MN) 
  • Melissa Nichols 763-218-4807 (Deephaven, MN) 
  • Todd Nichols 763-218-4808 (Deephaven, MN) 

Region IX: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

  • Jason Scheck 316-636-1188 (Wichita, KS) 
  • Jeff Vance 214-505-9492 (Lincoln, NE)

Region X: Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas

  • Ken Buckle 713-818-8354 (Stafford, TX) 

Region XI: California, Hawaii and Nevada

  • Cynthia Hunt 209-769-2867 (Monterey, CA) 
  • Bryan Kelso 916-899-4508 (Sacramento, CA)  

Region XII: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

  • Dcn. Ray Biersbach, PhD 425-582-7801 (Edmonds, WA) 

Region XIII: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

  • Anne Vargas-Leveriza 602-354-2396 (Phoenix, AZ) 
  • Lisa Fischer 602-448-9755 (Phoenix, AZ)

Region XIV: Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virgin Islands

  • Jackie Reycraft 863-398-9877 (Lakeland, FL) 
  • Pam Demers 352-359-9883 (Gainesville, FL) 
  • Maryellen Ebert 786-301-7681 (Miami) 

Region XV: International: Australia, Austria, Breuberg – Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom

  • Marlene Furey 902-404-2230 (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) 

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