About ten years ago, two psychologists, a marriage and family therapist and a professional counselor, began meeting together to mutually support each other living out our Catholic faith in our professional work. We prayed the Rosary together, consecrated ourselves to Our Mother of Good Counsel annually at Mass, offered peer supervision for each other, and over time, had other therapists come to join us.

As time went on, our group grew. We formally studied books by Fr. Groeschel and Paul Vitz, books on St. Therese of Lisieux’s little way applied to psychology, and spent a full year following the course by Christopher West on the Theology of the Body. During this time, several of us attended the annual conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, delighting in finding other like-minded therapists who had a similar dream of finding, networking, and applying our Catholic faith to our profession.

As both these groups grew, we decided together that there was a need for a national, and possibly international, professional association. We saw the value of interfacing psychology, Catholic theology, and other Catholic social sciences, along with basic psychological practices.

For the past four years we have been meeting as a Board, carefully laying a groundwork for a truly Catholic association that could stand the test of time and create support and develop knowledge for all of us who have hitherto been isolated and unsure of how to live out our Catholic faith in our much needed work.

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