Thank you for your interest in the Catholic Psychotherapy Association! We are an interdisciplinary group of more than 450 clinical, academic, clergy, religious, student and affiliate members with a common interest in promoting the integration of the study and practice of mental health-related disciplines with our Catholic faith.

Members join and continue to belong to the Catholic Psychotherapy Association because they realize their need for networking and education that supports them in practicing and integrating their Catholic faith as appropriate to their area of work. Fulfillment of these needs is crucial to continued development and longevity as mental health professionals, and ethical integration of faith in practice does require specialized formation and continued education. I have personally found great benefit in these areas as a result of learning from and interacting with fellow CPA members since joining this organization 10 years ago, and I trust that you will, too.

“Work bears a particular mark of man and of humanity, the mark of a person operating within a community of persons.” (Laborem Exercens)

Many opportunities to learn, network and grow together are available throughout the year.

  • Our annual conference occurs each Spring near the feast day of our patroness, Our Mother of Good Counsel on April 25th. Plans are in motion for the 2021 conference to be held in San Diego, CA April 22-24. Please consider joining us!
  • Live webinars are available to members and non-members a handful of times per year from the comfort of your own home or office. Leaders in the field offer robust and cutting-edge continuing education on an array of topics from psychopharmacology to anthropology to specific psychotherapy treatment methods. Within the year, the Webinar Committee plans to offer past webinars as home-study courses.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the CPA Member Listserv offer platforms for discussion, sharing of resources, and specialized projects and trainings in the areas of Seminary Assessment, Students and Emerging Professionals, Deliverance and Exorcism Ministry, and Catholic School and Parish Based Counseling.

Realizing the need for CPA to reach, support, and network with other groups and organizations we are offering the following opportunities:

  • Ecclesial Memberships – To facilitate collaboration with bishops and diocesan personnel.
  • Sponsor Memberships – To facilitate collaboration and partnership with organizations and agencies who support the mission and members of the CPA.
  • Local Chapters – To facilitate local regional groups wishing to establish communities of local mental health and allied professionals under the larger umbrella of the CPA.

On behalf of the Board of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association, I invite you to join us in ever becoming more effective instruments of Jesus Christ, who “has come to heal and rebuild, to restore the world and our lives to their original splendor.” (Admirabile Signum, 4)

Our Mother of Good Counsel, Pray for us!

Jennifer Madere, MA, LPC-S, EMDRIA-AC

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