Listen to what some members have said about the CPA

  • Sr. Mary Patrice Ahearn, RSM, PsyD

    "I really enjoyed all the presentations and connecting with some of my classmates, professors, and also meeting other colleagues that I can consult with and I think it is really important that we all come together as Catholic clinicians to support each other in our work."
  • Student, Calgary, Canada

    "I love coming to the conference and actually surpassed my expectations, I came from Calgary Canada and was hoping to just explore the world of Catholic Psychology. I am looking to do my graduate studies and definitely had lots of questions answered for people in the field. The speakers were all amazing and it just reaffirmed my passion for going into counseling psychology and been a therapist one day myself."
  • Barbara McGuigan

    "I had been so blessed by attending this incredible conference. I am so excited to be able to share the information that I learned. I love how the CPA brings the Catholic faith into healing. How can you heal without the divine healer? and they all realize the importance if this. I am not a psychotherapist, I am a lay person and it is always exciting to learn more things and I encourage everyone to come to the next conference."

Our Mission

To support mental health practitioners by promoting the development of psychological theory and mental health practice which encompasses a full understanding of the human person. Read More...

Our Vision

To form a community of Catholic mental health practioners who can bring Christs' healing into our profession in order to serve His Church. Read More...

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of the CPA

The Catholic Psychotherapy Association (CPA) began as a guild of the Catholic Medical Association in Atlanta, Georgia...
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Our Image

The painting of Our Mother of Good Counsel is an Eleousa, (The Mother of Tenderness). The Christ Child nestles close to his mother...


CPA provides regular opportunities for professional development and continuing education through annual conferences...


By the end of this conference, attendees should understand three dimensions of the person as seen through faith and...

About the CPA Logo

CPA TransparentLogoBy Christina Lynch Psy.D
This logo represents the mental suffering and healing our clients experience and entrust to us as part of the therapeutic relationship.
The thorns represent the crown of thorns Our Lord wore during His Passion. Our client’s suffering is symbolized in the thorns which Our Lord asks us to hold in our hearts while our clients share their pain. The Lord then asks us to return His crown of thorns with their suffering back to Him, the Divine Physician, so that He can heal their mental anguish. The flower and the buds represent new life allowing them to break free from whatever may be blocking their spiritual growth. Read More...