CPA Regions

Why CPA?

Clinicians, academics, students, and persons working in related fields join the Catholic Psychotherapy Association for many reasons. CPA is driven by our Mission to serve our members, and our members contribute to the fulfillment of our Mission in many ways. 

CARA Ecclesial Regions

In the interest of strengthening the CPA network within its membership, within those who support our mission, and to more closely collaborate with the US Catholic Bishops, the CPA has established a network of representatives organized by ecclesial (CARA) region. 

Below is a current list of the CPA Regional Representatives. Please note that we welcome multiple reps in a region as that will promote the networking and reps in different locations and/or with different backgrounds i.e. clinical, academic etc. bring different contacts to the network.

For more info or to volunteer contact Terry Braciszewski, Region Rep Chair:

Region I: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Greg Bottaro (Greenwich, CT),  347-705-0406  

Julia Lewis (Georgia, VT), 

Eric Zeitler, (Monroe, CT), 

Region II: New York

If you are interested in becoming a Representative in this Region, please email Terry Braciszewski. 

Region III: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Deb Rojas (Thornhurst, PA),; 617-633-6084

Sr. Marcelina Mikulska (Philadelphia, PA), 

Region IV: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Military Archdiocese

Camille Karcher (Manassas, VA),; 703-895-0868

Nathaniel Dippold (Frederick, MD), 

Region V: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

Bridget Hannahan (Mobile, AL),; 251-421-4313 

Region VI: Michigan and Ohio

Cassidy Azzow (Shelby Twp., MI),       

Richard Meeker (West Salem, OH),     

Region VII: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin

Monica Pulley (Princeville, IL), 

Region VIII: Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

Michelle de la Macnierre Fritz, (Greenfield, MN),; 762-528-8774

Michael Gross (St. Paul, MN),; 312-613-3113 

Region VIII Newsletter

Region IX: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

Beth Heidt Kozisek (Grand Island, NE),; 308-382-6565


Region X: Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas

Marie Heidemann (North Richland Hills, TX),; 480-452-6189

Dcn. Kevin Stephenson (Broken Arrow, OK),; 918-406-6682

Larry Freeney (Houston, TX),;

Region XI: California, Hawaii and Nevada

Lyss de la Torre (San Diego, CA),; 972-305-4101

Teri Love (Henderson, NV), 

Region XII: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Latisha Sternod (Gig Harbor, WA), 

Becky Ward (Carlton, OR), 

Region XIII: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

David Edwards (Gilbert, AZ),; 480-466-0756

Anne Vargas-Leveriza (Phoenix, AZ),; 602-354-2396 

Region XIV: Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virgin Islands

Christine Wisdom (Davidson, NC), 

Jacqueline Niks (Thomasville, GA) 

Ania Roland (Jacksonville, FL), 

Region XV: (International)

John Vizza (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada),; 780-901-7238

Brian Ooi (Singapore),; 65) 96422957


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