The Catholic Psychotherapy Association (CPA), a renowned organization dedicated to the development and practice of psychology within a Catholic perspective, has just launched two new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – the Emotionally Focused Therapy SIG (EFT SIG) and the St. John Paul II Contributions to Psychology SIG (JPII SIG).

These new SIGs are exclusively available to CPA members, marking an exciting expansion of CPA’s ongoing mission to foster a deeper integration of Catholic faith in psychological practice. They aim to provide unique perspectives, resources, and networking opportunities for psychology professionals.

The EFT SIG focuses on the development and practice of psychology using an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach, in fidelity with Catholic teaching. The vision of the EFT SIG is to enhance community and networking opportunities, encourage collaboration on the application of EFT principles from a Catholic-integrated perspective, and provide a safe space for risk-taking, learning, and growing.

The JPII SIG explores the unique contributions of St. John Paul II to the field of psychology from a uniquely Catholic perspective. This group will delve into the abstract principles and practical applications of St. John Paul II’s work. Members can look forward to engaging in activities such as case presentations, book studies, and potential collaborative academic papers.

Current members of CPA who are interested and meet the listed criteria for each individual SIG are invited to join. Please visit the “Membership” tab in your Member Profile to learn more and request to join the SIG(s) that fit your interests, needs, and areas of expertise.

For those who are not yet members of CPA but are interested in these SIGs, you can learn more about membership options and join the CPA here.

With these new SIGs, the CPA continues to build on its foundational mission while providing a space for focused exploration and networking within the Catholic psychotherapy community. It is yet another testament to the benefits of CPA membership, as it continues to add value to its members and to the field of psychotherapy within the Catholic perspective.

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