Integratus seeks manuscripts of psychotherapy treatment cases that articulate integrative
theoretical frameworks and interventions (behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, humanistic,
psychodynamic, rational-emotive therapy, existential, ACT, IFS, and others) with Catholic
spirituality, theology, and/or scholarship. A primary goal of the case study is to describe how and
why an integrative approach was used and to what effect with the patient. 

All manuscripts will require an abstract and must adhere to the following format (Adopted from
Clinical Case Studies Journal, 2023)

1. Theoretical and Research Bases for Treatment:
a. Psychological Basis
a. Spiritual/Theological Basis

2. Case Introduction

Please write about an actual case (no composites).

Important Note: Case should be properly de-identified according to 18 HIPPA points of
privacy (below) and should exclude any “unique characteristics” of the patient not on the
below list. 

(HIPPA points of privacy: name; addresses; all elements of date; telephone and facsimile
numbers; email addresses; social security numbers; medical record numbers; health plan
beneficiary numbers; account numbers; certificate/license numbers; vehicle identifiers;
device identifiers; web URLs; IP addresses; biometric identifiers; full face photographic
images and any comparable images; any other unique identifying number, characteristic,
or code)
IRB approval is not required for case studies, provided the author(s) properly de-
identifies the case. In addition, written, signed permission by the patient is encouraged
but not required as long as the author(s) properly de-identifies the case.

3. Presenting Complaints

4. Relevant Background History

5. Assessment

6. Case Conceptualization 

-Include clear integration of Catholic theology, spirituality, teaching/s with psychological

-Describe salient factors of evidence-based practice (APA, 2006): a) use of best available
research, b) clinical expertise, and c) consideration of patient characteristics, culture, and

7. Course of Treatment and Assessment of Progress

-Demonstrates application of integrative conceptualization 

8. Complicating Factors and/or Barriers to Care

9. Treatment Outcome(s)

10. Recommendations to Clinicians and Students

Suggested manuscript length (including all pages, tables, and figures) should be no longer than
30 double-spaced pages.


  •  Author(s) may submit a preliminary abstract to Integratus editors, Drs. Robert Kugelman and Jesse Fox by October 1, 2023. Email address:
  •  Submitted abstracts should be 250 – 500 words and include a title, author(s) name and contact information, summary of the manuscript idea and explicit description of fit with this special call focused on integrative case studies.
  • Full-length manuscripts are due by February 1, 2024 and are submitted through the standard, online submission portal:
  • Authors are encouraged to follow the Author Guidelines and Submission Requirements:
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